Case Study: Remarkable Gains in Repeat and Direct Bookings with SMS Marketing via

Jim Sterling
Customer Success
September 20, 2023
5 min

Customer Profile

  • Name: Mark Thompson
  • Background: Mark is a seasoned vacation rental host with a portfolio of luxury cabins in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.
  • Property: "Smoky Mountain Getaways" - A selection of cabins nestled in a pristine natural setting.


Mark's primary goal was to increase both repeat and direct bookings for his cabins in a fiercely competitive vacation rental market. While he had some success with email marketing, he recognized the need to explore alternative channels for more effective guest engagement.


Mark discovered, a versatile service that allowed vacation rental hosts to collect guest information, including mobile phone numbers, for SMS marketing campaigns. Recognizing the potential for more immediate and personalized communication, he decided to harness the power of SMS marketing.


  • Integration: Mark seamlessly integrated into his booking process and began collecting guest mobile numbers alongside email addresses, always ensuring he had guest consent for marketing purposes.
  • SMS Marketing Campaigns: Mark launched SMS marketing campaigns for various purposes, including:
  • Pre-arrival Welcome Messages: Sending warm welcomes and vital information before guests' arrival.
  • Special Offers: Offering exclusive discounts on future bookings via SMS.
  • Post-Stay Feedback: Requesting feedback and reviews after the guest's stay.
  • Direct Booking Promotions: Mark enticed guests to book directly through his website by offering limited-time discounts via SMS, complete with convenient booking links.


Mark's strategic use of SMS marketing through led to remarkable improvements in his vacation rental business:

  • Boost in Repeat Bookings: The personalized SMS messages significantly increased repeat bookings, with a remarkable 45% rise in guests returning for another stay.
  • Increased Direct Bookings: SMS promotions for direct bookings were highly effective, leading to a substantial 35% increase in direct bookings through his website, reducing reliance on third-party platforms.
  • Enhanced Guest Engagement: SMS marketing enabled immediate and interactive communication, resulting in heightened guest satisfaction and a 25% improvement in positive reviews.
  • Cost Savings: With a higher proportion of direct bookings, Mark achieved a 30% reduction in marketing expenses associated with third-party platforms.


Mark Thompson's adept use of SMS marketing campaigns through delivered outstanding results. He witnessed a significant 45% increase in repeat bookings, a notable 35% boost in direct bookings, and a 25% improvement in guest reviews. By leveraging the immediacy and personalization of SMS marketing, Mark substantially enhanced guest engagement, saved on marketing costs, and achieved impressive growth in occupancy and profitability for his Smoky Mountain Getaways cabins. This case study underscores the potential of SMS marketing in the vacation rental industry when implemented strategically.

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