Talk to Past guests. Increase Occupancy Rate. is the world's first Contact Relationship Management (CRM) tool for Short-term Rental hosts and Holiday Rental hosts. We help hosts collect a database of past guest e-mails, as well as engage them with simple, effective marketing campaigns.

Airdeal Guest CRM
A diagram describing how a host can easily gather 800 leads in a year with and how this can lead to 16 new direct bookings.

Talk With Guests After Their Stay

Don't rely on sites like Airbnb and as your only source of bookings. Gather your own list of guest e-mails and develop direct relationships that will lead to higher, predictable occupancy rates, especially during off-season.

Pictorial. Contact details of a guest.
Collect new Contacts with Ease

Set up signup link routines to collect guest e-mails, import them from your Property Management System, add them manually - we support it all

Pictorial. List of contacts in a CRM.
Manage Contacts In Your Personal Guest Database

Gradually build up a Personal Guest Database of e-mails and phone numbers that will turn into a major source of extra repeat bookings for your properties

Pictorial. Marketing campaign.
Launch Marketing Campaigns With A Click

Our Campaign Builder makes creating and launching beautiful e-mail or text message marketing campaigns easy for any host

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Process diagram. Send reward links to guests to get their contacts and direct bookings.
A dashboard with results from an e-mail campaign.

Diversify guest Sources. Increase Occupancy Rate With Low Risk Guests.

Sites like, Airbnb or Vrbo don't care about your feelings. A ranking algorithm change or a single bad review can destroy your booking inflow and occupancy rate. Don't let that happen.

Get an Additional Source of Bookings

It is risky to rely only on the big sites. Use e-mail marketing with past guests to get repeat bookings and increase your occupancy rate.

Get repeat visits from less risky guests. Don't Pay Commissions

Our tagging system allows you to highlight past guests that you did not like. Only send e-mails or text messages to guests that have proven that they are reliable. If you have a direct booking site, don't pay Airbnb commissions on repeat bookings.

Using Is Simple

Start generating repeated stays in less than 5 minutes

Step 1 - Import Your Existing Contacts
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Get a head start by easily importing all your existing contacts from your Property Management System, your spreadsheet, your iPhone/Android contact book or any other source.

Step 2 - Gather Contacts of Any Guest or Inbound Lead
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Learn how to set up your first Signup Link routine. With Signup Links, you will gather e-mails and phone numbers of anyone who stays at your listing or anyone who reaches out about staying. All these contacts from Signup Links will be automatically added to your Contact Database.

Step 3 - Launch Regular Marketing Campaigns
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Use Campaign Manager to set up an e-mail or text message template that leads repeat guests to your direct booking site or your Airbnb / / Vrbo listing. Select the right target audience and launch.

Step 4 - Enjoy Repeat Bookings and a Higher Occupancy Rate
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See repeat bookings coming in. Use our analytics tools to track the open rates and link click rates of your e-mails and text messages.

App screenshot. Import listing details from AirBnb, VRBO or for faster setup.
Diagram. Use of guest CRM leads to more direct bookings.
Diagram. Achieving business independence.

Start talking to your Past guests Today

Use Signup Links or integrations to build up a database of guest e-mails and phone numbers. Use e-mail marketing to get repeat bookings and increase your occupancy rate. Build a truly independent short-term rental or holiday rental business.

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