Case study

Case Study: Recovering Lost Bookings and Fostering Loyalty with Special Offer Signup Links

Jim Sterling
Customer Success
September 11, 2023

Customer Profile

Name: Sarah Johnson

Background: Sarah is a vacation rental host who manages a historic townhouse in the heart of London, England.

Property: "London Charm Manor" - A beautifully restored townhouse with period features and modern amenities.


Sarah faced a common challenge in the vacation rental industry: potential guests who couldn't book on their desired dates because her townhouse was already booked. Without a way to retain their interest, these guests would likely be lost opportunities.


Sarah recognized the value of retaining these potential guests by offering them exclusive special offers and promotions for future stays. She decided to use, a service that allowed vacation rental hosts to create signup links to collect guest email addresses, to keep these guests engaged.


  • Integration: Sarah seamlessly integrated into her booking process. When potential guests inquired about unavailable dates, she sent them signup links to collect their email addresses with their consent for future marketing.
  • Personalized Offers: Sarah created exclusive special offers and promotions for these potential guests. These offers included discounts, complimentary add-ons, and personalized packages tailored to their preferences.
  • Email Campaigns: Sarah used to send out targeted email campaigns to these potential guests, presenting the special offers and promotions and encouraging them to book for future dates.


Sarah's strategic use of signup links for special offers through had a significant impact on her vacation rental business:

  • Recovery of Lost Bookings: Nearly 20% of the guests who couldn't book on their desired dates initially returned to book later, thanks to the enticing special offers. These guests would have been lost without this initiative.
  • Increased Loyalty: The personalized offers and promotions fostered a sense of loyalty among guests, who appreciated Sarah's efforts to accommodate their needs.
  • Improved Revenue: Sarah's proactive approach resulted in increased bookings, which directly contributed to improved revenue for London Charm Manor.
  • Positive Guest Feedback: Guests who returned after receiving special offers left positive reviews, further enhancing the property's reputation.


Sarah Johnson's success story illustrates how a host can recover lost bookings and foster guest loyalty through strategic use of signup links for special offers. By offering personalized promotions to guests who initially couldn't book on their desired dates, Sarah not only recovered nearly 20% of lost bookings but also created a loyal guest base that positively impacted her vacation rental business. This case study showcases the potential of using targeted marketing to retain and re-engage potential guests in the vacation rental industry.

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