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Case Study: Maximizing Vacation Rental Revenue with

Jim Sterling
Customer Success
September 25, 2023
4 min

Customer Profile

  • Name: Sarah Anderson
  • Background: Sarah owns a charming beachfront cottage in Malibu, California, which she rents out to vacationers throughout the year.
  • Property: "Malibu Serenity Cottage" - A 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom cottage with stunning ocean views and direct beach access.


Sarah had been successfully renting out her cottage on popular vacation rental platforms for years. However, she faced two major challenges:

  • Low Direct Bookings: Most of her bookings came through third-party platforms, which meant paying substantial commissions, affecting her profitability.
  • Limited Guest Engagement: Sarah had no direct means of engaging with her guests beyond their stay, missing out on opportunities for repeat bookings and referrals.


Sarah discovered, a service that offered vacation rental hosts the capability to create signup links to collect guest email addresses. Sarah saw the potential in using this service to build a direct marketing channel and enhance guest engagement.


Setting up Sarah signed up for and easily set up a signup link on her property's website. She offered a 10% discount on future bookings to incentivize guests to subscribe to her newsletter.

Email Campaigns: Using the email addresses collected through, Sarah started sending out personalized newsletters. These newsletters included:

  • Tips for a Perfect Beach Vacation
  • Exclusive Discounts for Returning Guests
  • Local Restaurant and Activity Recommendations
  • SMS Marketing: Sarah also used's SMS feature to send out last-minute deals and promotions to previous guests.


Sarah's decision to leverage's services had a significant impact on her vacation rental business:

  • Increased Direct Bookings: Within the first six months, Sarah saw a 30% increase in direct bookings through her website. This helped her reduce commission costs from third-party platforms.
  • Enhanced Guest Engagement: By sending out regular newsletters and SMS updates, Sarah established a direct line of communication with her guests. She received positive feedback and reviews, leading to an increase in repeat bookings.
  • Higher Occupancy Rates: With more direct bookings and returning guests, Sarah's cottage achieved higher occupancy rates throughout the year. Her property's revenue grew by 25%.


By implementing's services, Sarah Anderson successfully addressed her challenges of low direct bookings and limited guest engagement. The platform allowed her to build a loyal guest community, increase occupancy rates, and ultimately boost her vacation rental revenue. proved to be a valuable tool in Sarah's journey to maximize the potential of her beachfront cottage in Malibu.

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