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SMS and E-mail for 10x Repeat Bookings: Join Our FREE Webinar!

Martins Vaivars
CEO, Co-founder
August 10, 2023
2 min

Excellent news for everyone who is serious about vacation rentals - Airdeal.io is offering a FREE webinar on 24 October 2023! The topic of the webinar: "10X Repeat Bookings with E-mail and SMS Marketing for Vacation Rentals".

You are welcome to register for FREE in this link: https://lu.ma/fk189m55

In this webinar we will share the experience of how 100+ vacation rentals have managed to 10x their repeat bookings from Airbnb, Booking.com and Vrbo, boosting their occupancy rate to industry-leading levels in the process. The webinar will focus on practical tips from leading industry practitioners.


Some of the topics that will be covered in the webinar:

  • Why increasing occupancy rate during weekdays and during off-season is key to running a profitable vacation rental business
  • How leading vacation rental businesses think about their guest marketing strategy
  • Case Study: how Kestermuiza managed to achieve 50x ROI for their guest marketing strategy
  • Best practices for running SMS guest marketing
  • Best practices for running e-mail guest marketing
  • Best practices for using PMS and other tools for collecting and storing past guest contacts
  • How to time guest marketing to get more repeat bookings and less unsubscribes
  • 5 proven strategies for guest marketing content used by vacation rentals
  • Important legal considerations for running e-mail and SMS marketing for vacation rentals

Webinar guests will be able to ask questions throughout the webinar. The webinar will be lead by Martins Vaivars, co-founder of Airdeal.io, the leading guest marketing tool for vacation rentals.


Anyone is welcome to join the webinar and it is completely FREE. If you want your community to become more successful with vacation rentals, share this event page with them on social media and encourage them to sign up! https://lu.ma/fk189m55

See you on 24 October 2023!

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